SWAIA Announces Annual (Virtual) Winter Indian Market

SWAIA Announces Annual

(Virtual) Winter Indian Market

Winter Indian Market Begins This Week— Over 140 Artists Featured

The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) is pleased to announce Virtual Winter Market: beginning on Black Friday, November 27, through December 10, 2020. The two-week online market fosters direct artist sales during the holiday season while allowing enough time for shipping and delivery.

The commitment of Virtual Winter Indian Market is to create another opportunity for SWAIA’s Indigenous artists to sell work and connect with collectors around the holiday gift giving season.  We are excited that many of our artists from around the United States and Canada, may have a first-time opportunity to participate virtually,” said Executive Director Kim Peone (Colville Confederated Tribes/ Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)

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Virtual Winter Market will feature a wide range of artwork for sale— including jewelry, pottery and ornaments from 2020/2021 juried artists. Collectors and SWAIA members will also have the opportunity to revisit ‘NDN World’ on the Vircadia platform for a virtual shopping experience complete with in-world purchases and real time conversations with artists.

2020 Participating Winter Indian Market Artists

Basketry |
Vivian Cottrell
Kelly Church

Beadwork/Quillwork |
Francisco Bailon
Lester Berryhill
Marvin Gabaldon
Summer Fairchild Peters
LeJeune Chavez
Sage Mountainflower


Cynthia Susan Kuck
Daniel Worcester
Pauli Carroll
Leslie Bitsie, Jr.
Sharon Trudeau
Yonavea Hawkins
 Joshua D. Hinson
Tim Blueflint Ramel
Kevin Pourier

Jewelry |

Debra Box
Joseph Chavez
Karen Box Anderson
Leonard Gene
Quinton L. Antone
Theresa Mike
Tim Blueflint Ramel
Wanesia Spry Misquadace
Monica Raphael
Carlon Ami
Erik Fender
Adrian Wall
Estella Loretto
Wyatt Lee Anderson
Tolpiyine Simbola
Tim Yazzie
Terrance Emery, Jr.
Sidney Nez, Jr.
Regnar Greenstone, Jr.
Perry Shorty
Osavio Crispin
Nicolas Nez
Miles Calladitto
Morris Muskett
Michael Rogers
Michael Slim
Matagi Sorensen
Maria Samora
Lyle Secatero
Lisa LeFlore
Ken Romero
Jonathan McKinney
Jared Chavez
Glenda Loretto
Gerald Lomaventema
George Bennett
Franklin Carrillo
Earl Plummer
Donna Bennett
Abraham Peina

Jewelry (Traditional Form)|

Troy Sice
Valerie F. Calabaza
Ca'Win Jimmy Calabaza
Valerie Jade Calabaza
Sharon Abeyta
Rudy Coriz
Richard Aguilar
Piki Wadsworth
Joseph Calabaza
Janie Reano
Feliciano Tenorio
Ellouise Padilla
Debra Reano

Textiles |

Venancio Francis Aragon
Irveta Aragon
Michelle Tsosie Sisneros
Ephraim Anderson
Penny Singer
Sophia Seward- Good
Leslie A. Deer

2-D | Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Photography |

Elroy Natachu
Kandis Marie Quam
Eugene Tapahe
James Tsoodle
Avis Mary Charley
Ben Nelson, Jr.
Beverly Blacksheep
Clement Paul Janis
Dawn Dark Mountain
Delores Purdy
Estephanita Calabaza
Esther Belin
Galen LaRoche
George Curtis Levi
Jeremy Salazar
Karma Henry
Le’Ana Asher
Mateo Romero
Michael Billie
Nocona Burgess
Penelope Joe
Raymond Goodluck
 Raymond Nordwall
Ricky Padilla
Roberta Begaye
Stephen McCullough
Terran Last Gun
Deborah Lujan
Everton Tsosie
Laurie Steelink
Karen Clarkson
Lindsey Shakespeare
Don Edd
Peterson Yazzie
Shondinii Walters
Carlon Ami
Priscilla  Tacheney


Erik Than Tsideh Fender
Carolyn Concho
Chase Earles
Darrick Tsosie
Kevin Edward Tafoya
Laverne Loretto-Tosa
Leonard Tsosie
Madeline Naranjo
Marilyn Ray
Prudy Correa
Sharon Naranjo Garcia
Teri Cajero
Bernice Ann Naranjo
Caroline Carpio
Kathleen Wall

Pueblo Wood Carving |

Darance Makwesa Chimerica
Randy Brokeshoulder
Ronald Honyumptewa
Shawn Mark Deel
Justin Roy Lomatewama
Kevin Horace


Carol Lujan
Dee Edaakie
Frederick Begay, Jr.
Ira Lujan
Kim Obrzut
Raymond Tsalate
Sean Rising Sun Flanagan
Alvin John
Caroline Carpio


Note * Many SWAIA artists make work in several categories


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About SWAIA: The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) is a non-profit organization supporting Native American arts and culture. SWAIA creates economic and cultural opportunities for Native American artists by producing and promoting the Santa Fe Indian Market, the biggest and most prestigious Indian art event in the world since 1922; cultivating excellence and innovation across traditional and non-traditional art forms; and developing programs and events that support, promote, and honor Native artists year-round. swaia.org 

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