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SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Sho Sho Esquiro, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Sho Sho Esquiro grew up in Canada’s north in the Yukon. She is of Kaska Dene, Cree and Scottish heritage. Learning to sew at a young age, she thrived leaning and growing with her mother who is also an artist. Esquiro is a contemporary artist using traditional techniques to create textiles that have been featured in Museums around North America. Winning numerous awards from museums, the designer was the first to show on Paris Famous Effiel Tower, selected as one of seven worldwide to represent Canada in France. Esquiro uses new and repurposed fur and leather with rich and natural fibers along with 24 K gold and Platinum.

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Pamela Baker, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Check back on August 7 for video.

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Shy Natives, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Check back on August 8 for video.

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Patricia Michaels, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Check back on August 9 for video.

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Korina Emmerich, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Check back on August 9 for video.

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SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Decontie and Brown: 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Jason Brown (Penobscot) and Donna Decontie-Brown (Penobscot/Algonquin) are the driving force behind Decontie & Brown and have been creating for the past 20 years. This husband and wife team draws inspiration from their culture and their experience in the luxury jewelry industry to create beautiful trendsetting designs with a Native American influence. “With a uniquely …

Decontie and Brown: 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show Read More »

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Catherine Blackburn, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Catherine Blackburn was born in Patuanak, SK. She is of Dene and European ancestry and is a member of the English River First Nation. Her work in beading, painting, and jewelry address Canada’s colonial past, prompted by personal narratives. Through the subject of family, she is inspired to express her own feelings and experiences that …

Catherine Blackburn, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show Read More »

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Delina White, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Himikalas/Pamela Baker is from Kwaguilth/Tlingit/Haida ancestry on her mother’s side, and from Sqaumish ancestry on her fathers. Many years ago, she began a lifelong search to provide First Nations people a stage to showcase their culture and mentor Indigenous youth. As a single mother, Baker moved with her two children to Los Angeles, California to …

Delina White, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show Read More »

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Margaret Roach Wheeler, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Margaret Roach Wheeler is a Native American of Chickasaw-Choctaw descent, who weaves contemporary garments based on American Indian costumes. Wheeler was one of four Native American fashion designers chosen to speak at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in New York. She was the recipient of the 2000 Artist-in-Residence program with the Smithsonian. Her work was included in the following exhibitions, Changing Hands: Art without Reservation, The Museum of Art and Design in NYC, Native Fashion Now, The Peabody Museum in Salem, MA, Return from Exile: Contemporary Southeastern Art curated by Bobby Martin and Tony Tiger, and Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art curated by Manuela Well-Off-Man with a grant from the Chickasaw Nation. Wheeler manages Mahota Studios Handwovens at the Artesian Gallery and Studios in Sulphur, OK. She is the Founder and President of Mahota Textiles, LLC, a newly established textile business with the Chickasaw Nation Department of Commerce in Sulphur, OK

SWAIA Indian Market 2019

Lesley Hampton, 2019 SWAIA Fashion Show

Lesley Hampton was a ‘third culture kid’ and her early life was one of constant relocation. Formative years spent in Canada’s Arctic and Atlantic, Australia, England, Indonesia, and New Caledonia, added to her quest to establish a personal and cultural identity. Lesley defines herself through the amalgamation

of the indigeneity, to her Anishinaabe and Mohawk heritage, as well as, her early nomadic upbringing. Becoming a nomad through experiences with boarding school, international school, adoption, and cross-cultural experiences, Lesley nurtured a passion for socio-cultural concepts, to help define her identity, and reconnect with her indigenous roots.

Founded on the principles of inclusivity, identity, awareness, and heritage, the LESLEY HAMPTON brand’s inspiration is defined by the characteristics developed from being a Third Culture Kid and critiques their application in present day society in fashion, media, and pop culture. Diversity is at the core of every piece created by LESLEY HAMPTON; with a focus on evening-wear and occasion-wear. The brand draws inspiration from notations that embody inclusivity, and broader perceptions of beauty that leads to mental health awareness and body-positive advocacy.

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