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Valley Star Ring  by Cody Sanderson


Abraham Peina_Textile Profile

 Abraham Peina

"I'm 25 and from Zuni Pueblo. I'm a self-taught silversmith. I love to express myself and my emotions by creating One-of-a-Kind Pieces of Art. My message through my creations is to spread Peace, Love, and Happiness. I think of my Jewelry as my children, and I know I cannot hold onto them forever. I'd love for my jewelry to be able to bring joy in someone else's life and family. Jewelry is my Passion and my Purpose. I'm learning every day to become a better version of myself and do my part to inspire the youth that anything is possible.

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 Theresa Mike

"As a Yupik Artist, I create my artwork   both traditional and contemporary including skin sewing and bead work.  Each piece is carefully hand sewn  with good thoughts and intention..."

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 Osavio Crespin

OSAVIO CRISPIN SR. is a third generation award-winning jeweler from Santo Domingo. The roots of his inspiration lie in the styles and techniques of the native artists from the 1960’s and 1970’s. This artist presents traditional silversmithing techniques and contemporary works in a truly original way, with breathtaking skill and design vision. Each piece of jewelry is hand made by Crispin using simple hand tools in his local studio.

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 Ellouise Padilla

Ellouise Padilla, the designer & artist of Ellouise Originals was born and raised in the Santo Domingo Pueblo of New Mexico. She proudly carries on her family tradition of designing and making jewelry.

Her stunning designs reflect both her traditional culture and heritage as well as a contemporary interpretation. All of her pieces are personally designed and created by Ellouise herself. Each piece is unique and individual.

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Karen Box Anderson_Textile Profile

 Karen Box Anderson

Southern Ute artist Karen Box Anderson works with sterling silver, Argentium, copper and semi-precious stones.  Her pieces are big and dramatic. She has been smithing since 2015, and believes you can never stop learning and appreciates beautiful, well-constructed pieces...that is what she strives for. 

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 Debra K. Box

"I am a Southern Ute artist who works with different metals, beadwork and painted rawhide containers. The rawhide is hand-scraped, and I use earth pigments for color... I have a painted rawhide trunk on permanent display at the Denver Art Museum and a small trunk that was presented to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, which is in his personal collection. I also have a beaded tea cozy which is on display at Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, at the American Pavilion... I have been a part of SWAIA since 1987 and I have won numerous awards and ribbons...."

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Jared J Chavez_Jewelry Profile

 Jared J. Chavez

Bold, expressive, and at home wherever it is worn; Jared Chavez’s style developed in the years of working alongside his father in their San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico studio, and refining his skills at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.

His one-of-a-kind collections incorporate a stream of conscious design process, texturing, and fabrication methods which emphasize the play of light across the surface of silver and gold. His work is often accentuated with the setting of stones such as agates, labradorite, rutilated quartz’s, and many other gems that catch his eye. 

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 Tim Blueflint Ramel

Tim Blueflint Ramel is citizen of the Bad River Band of Chippewa. He is highly respected in the Native American art community for the high standards of quality, beauty and elegance of his traditional and contemporary Native American Flutes and Jewelry.

Blueflint’s works are highly detailed, infused with care and creative passion. Through his art, Blueflint strives to provide his collectors a connection to tradition, and inspire their vision of cultural identity and pride...

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