Michelle Tsosie Sisneros_Textile Profile


"I am a Santa Clara/Navajo/Laguna/Luiseno Mission Indigenous woman. I live in Santa Clara Pueblo located in northern New Mexico. I grew up on the Navajo-Dineh reservation where I felt a deep sense of vastness in my life there. The land was long and far in between with the people living there. I longed to be in Santa Clara where I felt closeness with my people and Mother Earth...I have continued to sew and master my technique in different levels of tailoring, seamstress work and fabric knowledge, which motivated me to bring to life years of clothing designs that I have drawn... I have spent the past three years creating couture and urban wear clothing; branding my own label and line of designs. I also paint unique footwear that depicts pueblo design. I have created a painted shoe line that is unique to my style of paintings. My designs reflect my memories and my internal conflict with mainstream America. I hope to create clothes that are beautiful, confident, challenging and non-judgmental in shape and size. I look at my clothes as a crossover between worlds, the outside world and my traditional world.  I am at peace – yes, but I am a rebel at heart. That is what my art reflects – my beliefs and gratitude." Learn More...


Elroy Natachu Jr_Textile Profile (1)


 Elroy Natachu Jr. is from Zuni Pueblo. He is 30 years old and has been practicing Pueblo Stitching Embroidery for the 10+years. His clans are Eagle Clan (Kya’kya’li:kwe) and a child of the Macaw Parrot (Mula Bitchi:kwe). 

At a young age, with the guidance of his mother, he learned to embroider. Through countless interactions with Pueblo Weavers/Embroiderers, he has learned to incorporate Pueblo Teachings/Ideology’s into his artwork. He was born with a malformed left hand that does not stop him from accomplishing Zuni Cultural Enrichment/Preservation through his artwork/teaching. He is a multi-talented Artisan from Paintings, Textiles, Traditional Pueblo Cuisine. Read More...

Marlowe Katoney_Textile Profile


"I was born in flagstaff and raised in Winslow in 1976...Growing up in town I didn’t have a lot of exposure to Native Art beyond Arizona Highways and Southwest Art. I remember Charles Loloma’s work. Very impressive at my young age.  I spent a lot of time by myself so I drew.  Much to my parents disapproval I drew on the walls thumb nail sketches when I didn’t have paper... I spent a lot of time by myself producing painting."

"When I graduated I went to U of A to study 2D art-emphasis in painting... It eventually led me to weaving. I apply my skill set in for chiaroscuro, value, composition and color theory.My textiles are meant to apply a classically trained skill set from painting to weaving. It really is a narrative of my life. It’s a construct of the contemporary transitional expressed through figure and abstraction. “Weft” is as marks to paper. It communicates a span of ones life. I depict non-objective elements to define space and time. Figure to mirror landscape, a caricature to reflect humor or a twist on the times."


Tyra Shackleford_Textile Profile

 Tyra Shackleford

 Chickasaw textile artist, Tyra Shackleford, specializes in three pre-European contact hand weaving techniques: finger weaving, twining, and sprang. Tyra’s work mixes traditional techniques with her own creative inspiration to create pieces that convey a message about her culture. Tyra lives and works in Ada, OK, but her art has been shown across the United States since 2011. 

It is Tyra’s work with sprang that separates her from other textile artists. Tyra has demonstrated her mastery of sprang and her determination to push the boundaries through works such as “The Lady,” a 9 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide, ghost-like shawl which is part of the permanent collection at the Eiteljorg Museum of the American Indians and Western Art. 

Learn More...


Sophia Seward-Good


"I am a Director and Designer at Ay Lelum The Good House of Design Inc., a Second Generation Coast Salish Design House as well as a verified Spotify Artist from Nanaimo, B.C. Canada. I am from the Hereditary Chief family of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, and I work in an artist collective with my family in Coast Salish art revitalization and documentation through garment design, art and music."

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