Jeremy Salazar ..."My work is abstract impressionism and I focus on Native portraiture with a signature bold color palette.  I strive to create a striking balance between colorful chaos and organized symmetry and detail.  I'm inspired by my Native American heritage and strive to preserve Native American culture and bring it to life in a new and vibrant way for future generations."  Read More..

Estefanita Calabaza

Estefanita Calabaza ...specializes in Oil and Cold Wax and Acrylic paintings, pottery making, and traditional and contemporary  jewelry.  She enjoys the concept of infusing and incorporating elements of her Pueblo's pottery designs in her paintings, which enables her to create a contemporary interpretation outlet by juxtaposing ancestral expression and her voice which perpetuates the notion of beauty, balance, harmony and resiliency.....the medium base of canvas and paper are the modern clay pot and the color used in her art work brings a different angle and perspective to her Pueblos pottery designs.  Her disposition is to explore new art forms and different techniques to continue to radiate her ancestor’s voice through her artistic and creative expression, which honors the connection with the past, present and future through the imprint of remembrance. Read More..  

Estefanita Calabaza_Work

Terran Last Gun ..."As a visual artist and printmaker I work with multiple mediums, but primarily with the printmaking technique of screen printing, and more recently ledger drawings, both with long artistic histories. With screen printing I am able to produce multiple originals, and with ledger drawing I can create originals, both mediums utilizing paper as a main source.  Whether it's printmaking, painting, photography, or ledger drawing, I've continued on Piikani visual aesthetics and cultural narratives that have been in North America for tens of thousands of years..."   Read More..  


Elroy Natachu Jr. ..."My work is all acrylic on canvas. My primary subject matter of choice is that of the Zuni Kachinas/Pueblo Textile Designs. The reason is to instill a sense of cultural preservation; in this modern age, the younger generation did not grow up as I did. I hope to help further enforce the importance of oral tradition and the passing of knowledge, with the stories and teaching of how these sacred beings and entities were held in high regard by our ancestors. Through my use of visual media, I seek to bridge the past with the present.  Read More..  

Elroy Natachu Jr._1

Dolores Purdy ... "I am a contemporary ledger artist and I use the same materials the warriors did in the 1800's with color pencils and old paper from ledgers.  Ledger art or Ledger style was considered 'warrior art' and was considered a male art form with a few exceptions.  As a contemporary female ledger artist I bring to the medium the female perspective with my work and influences, humorous or serious while immersed in Native American heritage, iconography and pop-culture.  My influences are Japanese textiles, the Art Deco movement, and Peter Maxx psychedelic pop-art, including bright colors and vivid whimsical imagery.  The telling of a tale and the use of pictograph language to tell that tale is fascinating to me. " Read More..  


Le'Ana Asher ..."I paint in a realistic-abstract manner...My inspiration behind my oil paintings is to share with the viewer the vibrant, rich, and diverse indigenous traditions and culture, as I see and experience them. I’m profoundly grateful and honored to continue the tribal legacy of my people with my art.”  Read More..  

Oil on canvas, by LeAna Asher, profile woman with eagle plume.
Oil on canvas, by LeAna Asher, profile woman with eagle plume.

Deborah Lujan ... "My entire lineage is from Taos Pueblo and I have the privilege to photograph this beautiful place I call home. I have been a photographer and a violinist since I was very young so the arts are very important to me. My photography of Taos Pueblo and northern New Mexico has a cinematic quality that lends to a timelessness that is unparalleled... I try to show the distinctive architecture of the pueblo in various light and season without the use of filters or the influence of technology.  I have been told that the initial reaction to my photography is spiritual or something very personal.  It is my hope that my photos will entice someone to come to the pueblo or elicit memories of a special visit from the past " Read More..  

Afternoon Shadows_Deborah Lujan
Mariah Cuch Profile Pic

Mariah Cuch ... Traditional Native American Arts, Fine Art, Sculpture, Lapidary, Gold and Silversmith...  Elements of Life Brought to Temperance. "Ever embracing challenges, I have again turned to my art skills.  Knowing full well that the world needs artists.  Artists are blessed with skills to create our dreams, express our passions and thrive into unknown futures.  I am happy to be here in this digital world to offer my passion to the world and begin this journey of art here with you...My works speak for themselves and will find their places in the world were they have meaning far beyond my own gift to them." Read More..  

Mariah Cuch Work_1

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