Selling at Market A Quick Primer for Virtual Booth Artists

Participating in a virtual market, or any market, requires keeping the big picture in focus. There are so many things to do, it can be hard to prioritize. Here Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark offers some thinking points to stay organized and on-point while maximizing sales and audience interaction.

Build an Online Presence

Your status as a SWAIA-approved artist and participant in Indian Market conveys credibility to you as a Native artist who has been recognized at the highest level. Use this opportunity to build a web presence that tells the world you are a serious professional whose work should be seen. An effective website leads the visitor through a shopping experience that delights the eye and encourages buying confidence.

Grab Visitor’s Attention and Stay in Touch

Excellent images of your artwork and a compelling story are the best ways to draw visitors in to explore your website and want to learn more about you. The majority of sales are made over time, which means that you as the artist should connect with interested parties on social media and through email with invitations to view your work again and again. Storytelling is a powerful way to build awareness and relationships with appreciative collectors. Tell your story over time to engage your audience and encourage interaction.

Pursue Personal Interaction

SWAIA’s “booth-hopping” feature, artist interviews and Coffee with Kim give visitors an up close and personal opportunity to get to know the artist more personally. Visit NDN World and attend virtual events that put you in the middle of a crowd of fans and enthusiasts who would be thrilled to have a live conversation with you as the artist. Each time you step up and engage in contact with your audience, you have an opportunity to make yourself and your work memorable to them.

Use The Power of the Collective

Indian Market is an iconic art world event. It offers the best in Native art and handmade work, and lots of it. One hundred thousand attendees converge each year at the live market to view and purchase highly sought after art and craft from hundreds of vendors. As a group, SWAIA artists have tremendous influence on the awareness of and appreciation for this important cultural legacy. As individuals, every exhibiting artist is an intrinsic part of this influence and benefits from it. The community is a supportive structure for its members, and for the continuation of the high level of work that Indian Market strives to represent.

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